Our Practice

Our practice is global and our experienced associates offer
a broad range of specialties.

Our Specialties

  1. 1
    Domestic and International Litigation

    We act in collaboration and on behalf of clients with non-criminal actions to take cases through court and enforce legal rights

  2. 2
    Corporate and Individual Advisory

    We work alongside clients to consult on current or future business prospects

  3. 3
    International Recovery

    We provide administrative and legal support to clients with overseas interests

  4. 4
    Commercial Litigation

    We act for corporations in domestic and cross-border dispute resolution to develop effective solutions that prevent or resolve disputes

  5. 5
    Estate Litigation

    We advise executors, administrators and trustees of estates by providing direction on the creation of wills, estates and trusts

  6. 6
    Complex International Matters

    We protect and defend the rights and relations of individuals and corporations engaged in multi-national commerce, merchandising, trade and sales

  7. 7
    Intellectual Property Law

    We protect the legal rights of both individuals and companies while safeguarding their intellectual property and creations of the mind – ranging from artwork to theatrical productions

  8. 8
    Class Action Experience

    We appear on behalf of large parties to defend their rights and interests in large-scale recovery

  9. 9
    Aboriginal Law

    We help individuals navigate the complexities of the legal system, ranging from filing claims to recovering on-reserve and defending actions

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